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The end of NaNoWriMo

November is over. My NaNoWriMo total ended up not much improved from my mid-month progress report – 23,295. I just stopped a little over a week ago and didn’t write another word. There are, I think, two major reasons for that – I got stuck on a scene that lacked conflict and wasn’t happy with a previously written scene that fed into the later scene, and I picked up a new hobby which consumed a lot of my time, crochet, by which I am crafting Christmas presents for my family.

The manner in which I was writing throughout November was to have word wars, ten or fifteen minute stints where I was in competition to produce words with other writers. It proved productive, but I’m not sure it was the right thing for me. Yes, I wrote a lot, but this approach produced the problems that ultimately caused me to stop.

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