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New writing schedule: update Feb 2014

Back in January I announced my new writing schedule. Well, it didn’t exactly go quite as planned. I did okay for what was left of January – five days fulfilling the “ideal” writing day, three fulfilling the “alternate” schedule, one Sunday off and one missed day.

February was less successful, though. Three days meeting the ideal to start it off, but then thirteen days in a row with nothing. On the 17th I picked up and managed four very good “ideal” days in a row, before missing two days, working on planning for one day for an “alternate”, missing four more days and writing for about half an hour – which I allowed as an “alternate” day – for yesterday.

So how can I fix things?

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I’m starting a new writing schedule

At the start of this year I determined that I would write a complete manuscript of a novel this year. Specifically, the novel I was working on in November, though starting again from scratch. And so far this year I have done very little work on it. I’ve made a couple of pages of notes, written a short story to give one of the key characters a more solid personality and motivations in my head, and I’ve managed about six paragraphs of the novel itself; less than a page.

Well, it’s about time I stopped being lazy. Because that’s the reason I’ve not been writing much. Well, laziness and tiredness, but mostly laziness. Or at least, prioritising other things like crochet and watching Avatar: the Last Airbender (at the same time). Well, tonight that ends. I have a new writing schedule.

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On Writing Every Day

One piece of advice that gets thrown around a lot is this:

Write every day.

I’ve tried that. A lot of people have, I suspect. And yet I don’t write daily. Sure, I have done this last week as I’ve been taking part in the One Hour Story challenge, but that’s been a short run, just seven days of which two remain. Most of the time, my writing comes in fits and bursts, a thousand words here, a couple of hundred there, the odd day with several thousand words, several days with none and a few where a sentence is all I can manage.

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