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Progress Report: One Million Words, week 23

I think I might just have managed to nail consistency in wordcount output. This week’s total is 5,395, just five words more than last week, with an average of 771 words per day.

I have now written for 155 consecutive days without missing a day.

My total is now 102,665/1,000,000, which means I’ve reached the 10% mark (10.27%). So if it takes 23 weeks to reach 10%, if I maintain the same average rate, it should take about another 4 years from now to reach the million words – taking me to the eve of a new decade.

Day by day summary

Monday: 952 words (Dragonbane)

Tuesday: 286 words (Dragonbane)

Wednesday: 997 words (Horrible Monster)

Thursday: 629 words (Horrible Monster)

Friday: 784 words (Minecraft Adventures)

Saturday: 985 words (Horrible Monster)

Sunday: 762 words (Horrible Monster)

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 22

I realise that my updates have slipped to Mondays in recent weeks. Often I’m too tired on Sunday after writing to stay up any later for a blog post. Monday makes for a better option, I think – less pressure on a Sunday to finish writing quickly.

Anyway, in week 22 I wrote a total of 5,390 words, for an average of 770 per day.

My total now stands at 97,270/1,000,000 words, or 9.73%.

I am getting very close to that first one hundred thousand, the first ten percent – certainly within reach of hitting it in the next week. This is tremendous achievement. I have written more in the last 22 weeks than I did in the four years or so prior.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,096 words (Spirit doorway)

Tuesday: 698 words (Horrible Monster)

Wednesday: 536 words (Horrible Monster)

Thursday: 905 words (Horrible Monster)

Friday: 529 words (Horrible Monster)

Saturday: 588 words (Horrible Monster)

Sunday: 1,038 words (The Sun goes out)

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 20

The final week of NaNoWriMo has seen a bit of a slow-down. I wrote 5,257 words this week, with only one day above 1,000 and none above 1,667. My daily average is 751 words.

My total is now 85,825/1,000,000, or 8.5% for the One Million Words challenge.

For NaNoWriMo, I’ve written 30,862/50,000 words, or 61.7%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 775 words

Tuesday: 608 words

Wednesday: 1205 words

Thursday: 543 words

Friday: 529 words

Saturday: 737 words

Sunday: 860 words.

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 19

NaNoWriMo is certainly doing my wordcounts some good. This week I’ve written 8,599 words in total, including three days writing over 1,667 words. My daily average for this week is 1,228 words.

My One Million Words challenge total stands at 80,568/1,000,000, or 8.06%.

My NaNoWriMo total is 25,605/50,000, or 51.21%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,197 words

Tuesday: 876 words

Wednesday: 1734 words

Thursday: 1705 words

Friday: 637 words

Saturday: 413 words

Sunday: 2037 words.

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 18

This has been a pretty good week. I’ve written 8,210 words in total, including two days writing over 1,667 words this week, with an average of 1,173 words per day across the week.

For the One Million Words challenge, I’m at 71,969/1,000,000, or 7.2%.

For NaNoWriMo, I’m at 17,006/50,000 words, or 34%. I am now at the half-way point of NaNoWriMo, day 15 of 30, so I am a little behind still, but there’s a lot of time to catch up still.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,219 words

Tuesday: 249 words

Wednesday: 2,130 words

Thursday: 856 words

Friday: 827 words

Saturday: 1,161 words

Sunday: 1,768 words

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 17

My first full week of NaNoWriMo has been a productive one, at least compared to previous weeks if not compared to other WriMos. I have written 7,057 words this week, for an average of 1,008 words per day.

My One Million Words total is now 63,759/1,000,000 words, or 6.4%.

My NaNoWriMo total is 8,796/50,000, or 17.6%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,204 words

Tuesday: 1,061 words

Wednesday: 1,133 words

Thursday: 2,072 words

Friday: 426 words

Saturday: 424 words

Sunday: 737 words

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 16

With NaNoWriMo starting today, and the prep work I’ve been doing this week, I’ve really picked up again this week. I’ve better than doubled last week’s total, having written 6,659 words over the last seven days – my best week since I began the challenge, by over nine hundred words.

My total stands at 56,702/1,000,000 (5.67%) and my NaNoWriMo total is 1,739/50,000 (3.48%).

Day by day summary

Monday:239 words (on the Kell start from 24th October)

Tuesday: 1,432 words (Kell meets Shen in the river – a background story)

Wednesday: 235 words (completing Tuesday’s story)

Thursday: 990 words (Kell in a sinking boat – another background story)

Friday: 883 words (completing Thursday’s story)

Saturday: 1,141 words (twitter horror stories and a background story involving Sorient and Turriac, and the source grudge I said I wanted to add to the group dynamics for chapter 2)

Sunday: 1,739 words (NaNoWriMo story – Kell’s adventures)

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 15

This week I have written a total of 2,467 words. This includes 13 haiku written across six days – I didn’t manage one on Friday.

That’s 352 words a day on average.

In the last 15 weeks I have written just over a NaNo novel’s worth of words – my total is now 50,043/1,000,000, or 5.0% I am now one twentieth of the way to my overall goal. Hopefully it’ll take me a lot less time to double that, as I will be attempting NaNo next month, starting next Sunday.

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Progress Report: One Million Words, week 14

I have written 2,208 words this week, which is low compared to other weeks, but still something. This has included some haiku, which I have continued to practice since Wednesday’s workshop.

My total is 47,576/1,000,000, or 4.76%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 481 words (Damnatio Memoriae)

Tuesday: 445 words (Damnatio Memoriae)

Wednesday: 211 words (27 on haiku, 184 on Damnaio Memoriae)

Thursday: 33 words (haiku)

Friday: 153 words (Damnatio Memoriae)

Saturday: 406 words (Kell ch2 storm)

Sunday: 479 words (Kell ch2 storm)

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Progress report: One Million Words, week 12

This week I’ve slowed own a little. 3,568 words. It’s been a busy week, not necessarily in terms of work (I’ve only had my standard two shifts this week), but in other things. My fiance got a job and has been doing lots of overtime, and I’ve been the taxi for him since he doesn’t drive. I’ve been helping my brother with something – he’s just started a university course via distance learning and isn’t used to things like formatting documents and putting references into assignments. Then, with my fiance at work, I’ve had to take on the bulk of the housework. And yesterday we went to visit friends a couple of hours away.

That sounds like an excuse, but it’s not. I still managed to write every day, even if it wasn’t as much as last week. It is, perhaps, a reminder that I cannot increase my output week on week without occasionally dipping down again.

I am now at 42,501/1,000,000 words total or 4.25%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 277 words

Tusday: 219 words

Wednesday: 1,121 words

Thursday: 487 words

Friday: 368 words

Saturday: 508 words

Sunday: 588 words

Analsysis/The story

Aside from Tuesday – when I was writing away from home, and thus in my notebook rather that at my PC – I have continued working on the Kell serial chapter 2. It has become far longer than I anticipated, though there’s room for cutting. The simple matter of characters going and doing a thing and solving a problem grew a little beyond my original plan for it, and I found an organic way of introducing the key magical element of the story in a manner that is far better than previous attempts within the story. However, that introduction to an element is what is taking up a lot of words. I may seek to find a way to end the chapter earlier, with the problem it was setting up solved, and the events of the third chapter following on directly with the consequences of chapter 2’s solution revealing the magical element. I’ll have to see how it works, but for now I’ll just keep going until I find a good enough place to take a break.

In terms of when I’ve written the most this week, it’s nothing new. The days I’ve been busiest, I’ve written least. The day I wrote longhand I wrote very little indeed, but spent as long on it as any other day. The day I had pretty much free and clear and set aside a couple of hours earlier in the day for writing, I managed a lot more words.

Take away points

  1. Last week and earlier this week I attempted to introduce a key story element too early, but quickly realised my error and corrected it. Now I’ve found the right time for it in the story, it’s working organically and flows well. So it pays to let myself try something and delete it the next day if it wasn’t working.
  2. I write verbosely. A chapter I had imagined to be 5,000 words long is now over 10,000 words (albeit at least 1,000 words of that is crossed out, struck through, not to be used). I already knew I was quite wordy in my writing, but this seems to be doubly true when I don’t have much of a plan. Editing this will be a lot of work.
  3. Given the above, I wonder if I’m cut out for short form stories. I think I work best when there is space to expand, but I shall have to practice keeping things tight if I want to keep wordcounts for individual stories down. I do already read some short stories, but perhaps I need to read more, and more critically.