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One Hour Story 4

Today’s inspiration for my one hour story is remote churches and other sites. I’ve seen a lot of photos of churches on mountains or at least steep craggy hills, in remote locations and so on. The Greek sanctuary at Delphi was also remote, high up in the mountains and away from civilisation, difficult to reach. Throughout history people have placed some value on such places, and on the effort required to get there as a measure of piety and commitment. I like this sentiment, and it works nicely for what I’ve written.

I didn’t get as far into the story as I wanted; I was, perhaps, too ambitious, so the below passage is an introduction only, really I suppose. I may try to continue it tomorrow. The vision in my head is that the main character discovers a variety of motives – some initially hidden – and some dark secrets on her way to this Temple, with the story ending upon arrival, but I didn’t get the time to explore all of that, so this is just the first part of it. Enjoy, and please give feedback.

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