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Merlin season 5 finale: a retrospect

While the finale to Merlin Season 5 aired in the UK a few weeks ago, I have avoided discussing it until now, partly because my review of the series overall was only posted part way into season 5, not that long ago, and partly because it has taken me a while to get my thoughts straight.

I understand the season 5 finale has not aired yet in the USA and other locations around the world, so if you have yet to see the final episode of Merlin season 5 and don’t want to know what happened, you might want to skip this post as it will be rife with spoilers. Consider this your final warning.

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Some fantasy films worth avoiding

I have previously looked at some fantasy films which are well worth viewing. They are classics, films which, while not perfect, are full of good qualities – humour, good acting, compelling plot and so on. But there are plenty of fantasy films which are not quite up to snuff, films which lack those good qualities – films which you don’t want to watch. And in order to warn you about them and hopefully save you the time, money and pain it will cost you to watch them, three of them are presented below.


10,000BC tells the story of a young man from a mammoth-hunting, tundra-dwelling tribe of hunter gatherers who, after some bad guys attack his tribe’s settlement and carry off some pretty girl he likes, decides to chase after them to rescue said girl. He travels through a rainforest, makes friends with a sabre-tooth tiger whose life he saves, then eventually reaches what presumably is meant to be Egypt, since there’s pyramid building going on and an obsession with the constellation of Orion (a real Egyptian thing). Anyway, there’s some sneaking around, a bit of fighting, some mystical hoo-ha and the protagonist rescues his girlfriend and everything is happy again.

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