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Announcement: I wrote about the Hydra on Mythic Scribes

Continuing my Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds series is my latest article, the Hydra. Pop over and check it out.

This was quite a fun article to write because the research mostly involved reading the Labours of Heracles, and quite frankly, Heracles doesn’t come across as the smartest man in the room – especially in how he deals with the Hydra. Though I would say his intellect has certainly been inherited by his nephew, who joins him on this particular Labour.

A Herculean Task: Start Writing Fiction Week 2

Some weeks ago I expressed difficulty at completing the final task set as part of Week 2 of the Start Writing Fiction course on FutureLearn. It’s taken this long to get back to it but I have finally completed the difficult task and I am ready to move on to week 3, which I aim to work on tomorrow evening. It is now week 6 so I have some catching up to do (and that’s not even taking into account the three new courses that started this week, one last week and one the week before that I’ve barely looked at).

Towards the end of last week I was working on an article for my Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds series for Mythic Scribes. Spoilers, it’s the Hydra. Defeating it was one of the tasks of Heracles (I focused on Greece at university, I refuse to use the Romanised version of his name; it even pained me to use it in the title of this blog post, and that’s not even his name, it’s a phrase based on his name). This inspired me to read a bit more about Heracles, and led me to consider the possibility of rewriting his Labours as an exercise.

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