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Finishing something

I’ve said before that I have trouble with endings. I just don’t have enough practice with them. And it’s still presenting a problem. But I’ve realised recently that I’m not that good at finishing things in general. I start a lot of new stories that never get far, and I start a lot of Minecraft worlds that I give up on after a while. I’ve started a lot of games I’ve not finished, including the Nuzlocke Run on Pokemon Heart Gold. I’ve created a lot of new characters on Guild Wars and more recently Guild Wars 2, and deleted them in favour of starting another new character before getting far into the story. There are a few drafts to blog posts I’ve never finished.

Finishing things evades me.

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Why I keep failing

Recently I created a catalogue of stories I’ve written in Excel to find out approximately how many words of fiction I have written. In one column I put the title, in the next the approximate number of words I’d written on that story, including all drafts, alternate scenes and so on. I split this by original fiction and fanfic and used formulae to show total number of words written – not far shy of half a million words.

But that’s a half a million words of unfinished stories. Half a million words of stories which, at the most, never got further than a wide margin, double-spaced print out with some notes in my handwriting in red biro. A handful of stories that topped 30,000 words and a little over a dozen more under that figure. And I had to ask: why did none of them (except Ailith’s Gift at 3,300 words long) reach completion? What was wrong with them?

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