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Review: Under the Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig

The first book in the Heartland trilogy, Under the Empyrean Sky by Chuck Wendig  is a Young Adult novel. It tells the story of Cael, a dissatisfied young man living in a dystopian world where wealth floats on sky flotillas and below on the ground inedible predatory maize corn is grown for fuel. Cael and his friends fight for survival, seek to improve their worsening lot in life, and dream about escaping the Heartlands and living in luxury in the sky above.

Under the Empyrean Sky

Under the Empyrean Sky has good momentum, carrying the reader forward in a manner than defies and denies sleep. The pacing is fast – perfect for the intended audience (which is a bit younger than me) – but with enough space left for character development, establishing the world, and the all-important suspense.

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Hobbyist or Pro?

There’s a quiz doing the rounds at the moment called Ten Questions to Know if You’re a Pro, about your attitude to writing and other aspects of life, and apparently you can’t be a professional writer, or claim to be a professional, if you don’t answer yes to them all.

These sorts of things annoy me. The questions are a set of arbitrary rules based around one writer’s experiences, perhaps to justify certain things she does or doesn’t do because it’s a “writerly” thing to do.

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