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Writing Reboot progress report, 30 May 2014

So it’s the penultimate day of my challenge, and I’m procrastinating by making graphs. I’ve plotted my daily progress, in words, across the month, along with a running average that averages wordcounts over a seven day period, to give an idea of the general trend. Here it is:

May writing reboot challenge graph

Yay pretty graph! So I’ve got two spikes there when I was having good days, but the overall trend has been a gradual decline with quite a dive at the end there. Let’s see if I can pick that up, at least a little. That last running average point is 549.3 words. In order to keep it the same, I need to match my word count for 22 May, which was 729. So that’s my goal tonight. I’ve got a headache but I’m not gonna let that stop me. Not knowing where I’m going next might be a problem, though.

Thoughts and Plans:

I finished yesterday with Fiarra having told Siril and Deego about Teyt and Corun. Deego is starting to feel the magical power infusing the earth beneath his feet, just a hint of it, and he doesn’t quite catch on to what it is yet. I know what my medium term goals are: work on the fractious relationship between Fiarra and Laik, build a more friendly yet cautious relationship between Fiarra and Prentor, introduce cracks in Fiarra’s friendships with Siril, Deego (in particular), Teyt and Corun. I just thought of a good line for an argument between Teyt and Fiarra so I’m writing that down.

Okay, done. Don’t want to forget that in, like, four months time when I get to that bit (okay, maybe more like three weeks).

Anyway. Medium term goals. I will also need to build up Fiarra’s determination to escape, plans to do so, and her understanding of exactly what kind of a grip the Governor has on people, to the point that her escape plans start to morph into escape-so-I-can-join-the-rebels-and-bring-that-bitch-down plans. I guess though at the moment she’s still focused on Laik, seeing Laik as the antagonist of her story and the obstacle to her freedom.

Short term, now, there’s a thing. Fiarra’s going to want to find out information about the palace, go on walks around the place, find the gaps in the defences. If she can think this up during the festival, there’s the freedom afforded by the festival to allow her to explore a bit more, so there’s that. And it means Deego and Siril can come with her and I can feed in a bit more about Deego’s weird feelings he can’t explain but which are magical while I’m there.

Yesterday I considered including Prentor for a brief conversation. I’ll start with that – build their relationship, and use the conversation to start off that wedge between Fiarra and her friends, since Deego in particular isn’t exactly happy at seeing the former mine director, and Siril isn’t either. Then I’ll give Fiarra the idea to check the boundaries around the palace and see if there’s a simpler way out. Ooh then I can have Laik catch them wandering around the gardens.

And tonight I’m back to Brothers In Arms because I can’t stay away from Knopfler for long. I love how it starts with the rumble of thunder. I mean seriously, if music was capable of bringing someone to orgasm all by itself, it’s this track that’s gonna do it.

Starting writing 21:52.


1002 words. Aw yeah, who’s the boss? Finishing at 22:31. Really got into it with Prentor, and then Fiarra and Deego arguing, first about Prentor, then about deer, because I followed where things took me and it gave me the chance to add a touch of worldbuilding (Fiarra doesn’t know what deer are, she’s never seen one, land mammals never reached the island til settlers arrives and they brought sheep and cattle and stuff, so aside from those, it’s all birds of various types and bats and insects.

In fact I’m gonna go back and add an answer to her question about what a deer is. That takes my word total to 1044. Nice. Here it is:

“No, but seriously, what’s a deer?” I asked.

Siril sighed. “It’s an animal like a really thin cow with horns that look like little trees, but without leaves. They live wild in meadows and woodlands in the north of the empire.”

So feeling good about today, and I didn’t even get to the perimeter inspection. That’s for tomorrow, I guess, once I’ve resolved the deer argument.

Ooh, and the updated graph:

May writing reboot graph 2

Check it. Running average went above 600 words for that last point there.


Writing reboot progress report, 15 May 2014

Seeing as Brothers In Arms is such an awesome track and Mark Knopfler is a god, I’m listening to that track today while writing, using Infinite Looper on the Youtube vid since I don’t own the album. I really should own that album. After payday I think I’ll buy it.

Seriously how can you not love this stuff?

Thoughts and Plans:

Not much to say today. I know what I’m doing: Fiarra’s got so much work to do she really starts hating Laik. With a passion. At the moment she mostly is going after the Governor, and I think so far I’ve laid that on far too thick, but I can fix that in the edit. She’s barely met the Governor, she’s had no real contact with the Governor, and while the Governor’s the one at the top of the pile, Laik is the one she’s in contact with, the person who, as far as Fiarra is concerned, is responsible for all the suffering.

And I can’t go forgetting Corun and Teyt, or letting Fiarra forget them. She primary goal is and should still be to find her friends and get out. In fact I think I need to drop almost all of the “bring down this regime” stuff I’ve done so far and focus on this more personal goal for now, only building up the Governor as the big bad after Fiarra’s confrontation with Laik. That’s gonna mean some cutting and moving stuff around later on, but here I am making a note of it. I’ll deal with it when I’ve got a finished manuscript.

Starting writing 20:53.


Stopping at 21:12, with 414 words. Not so great tonight. I need a new task for Fiarra to do and I’m too tired to bother working it out tonight. I did manage to get some sarcasm and a derogatory nickname in, though, so I’m getting the Laik-hate down better today.