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You Need an Editor (a guest post from Brian W Foster)

Today I have invited Brian W Foster to write a guest post on editing – something he has rather more experience of than I do. So here it is:

My three year old tends to scribble with crayons a lot. My wife and I, as parents are wont to do, exclaim over these works of art and place them prominently on the refrigerator.

I imagine, if you have or have had little ones of your own, you understand this well. Nothing wrong with it. Consider, however, what you would think of me if I decided that these tremendous works of art should be sold on Amazon.

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Review: Abuse of Power by Brian W Foster

Abuse of Power by Brian W Foster tells the story of Auggie, the son of a Duke who meets a young peasant woman who interests him and decides to rescue her from witch-catchers. It is a novelette, and can be read easily in about an hour.

Foster uses a light, accessible tone, good pacing and natural, unobtrusive humour to tell this story, making it a very easy, quick read.

Abuse of Power

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Announcement: Guest post at BrianWFoster.com

I have written a guest blog post for Brian Foster called Lessons from Handwriting a Final Draft which he has posted on his blog. Pop over and take a look. Also check out Brian’s other posts, he has plenty of interesting stuff to say about writing.

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