My Other Articles

On Fantasy and Writing

My articles on topics relating to writing fantasy can be found on my author page on Mythic Scribes. Current articles are:

  • Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds:
    • Fairies
    • The Minotaur
    • The Phoenix
    • The Hydra
  • A New Page for a New Year
  • The Forests of Fantasyland
  • Adding Depth to a Fantasy World
  • Fantasy Weapons: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • How to Spot Your Writing Weaknesses
  • Fight for What’s Right: Moral Causes in Fantasy Worlds
  • Using History as Inspiration for Fantasy
  • Howl’s Moving Castle: a review of its adaptations
  • Suspense and Pacing in Fiction.

I have also written guest blogs for the following:

Ancient History topics

My articles on ancient history topics can be found on Perpetual Past; articles available there are:

  • The ancient (interrupted) custom of urban beekeeping
  • Curse tablets, judicial prayers, and divine justice in the ancient world
  • Corinth and early classical archaeology
  • Writing is Magic: Classical Greek Attitudes to Literacy

Academic Publications

I am a named author for one article published in a peer-reviewed journal:

  • University of Leicester Graveyards Group. 2012. ‘Frail memories: is the commemorated population representative of the buried population?’ Post-Medieval Archaeology 46:1, 166–195
Photo I took of St Margaret’s Church, Leicester, one of the churchyards which was part of the Leicestershire graveyards study in the Post Medieval Archaeology journal.

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