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Know When to Show ’em, Know When to Tell ’em…

A brilliantly put discussion demonstrating the validity of telling in writing instead of showing.

Brian W. Foster

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Apparently, tis the season for me to get knocked on my butt by random bugs.

Let’s take a look at two passages:

A. She was hungry.
B. Her stomach growled as emptiness gnawed at her. She clutched her belly and stared at the bread through the bakery window as if it were her very salvation.

Which is better?

A year ago, determining the answer to that question would have been quite simple to me. I would have said, “(A) is telling. (B) is showing. Showing is better than telling. Thus, (B) is better than (A).”

The more I learn, the more I disagree with my old self. There are so many more considerations, and I grow less sure of my original assertation every day. Let’s look at it more in depth:

Showing > Telling

Is this statement true in all cases? The…

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Introducing Ally’s Desk

Welcome to Ally’s Desk. This is where I will post articles and short stories, or announcements of their publication elsewhere, as well as advice and opinion pieces. The about page above has a little bit about me, and the My articles page has links to articles I have already published.