Progress report: One Million Words, week 18

This has been a pretty good week. I’ve written 8,210 words in total, including two days writing over 1,667 words this week, with an average of 1,173 words per day across the week.

For the One Million Words challenge, I’m at 71,969/1,000,000, or 7.2%.

For NaNoWriMo, I’m at 17,006/50,000 words, or 34%. I am now at the half-way point of NaNoWriMo, day 15 of 30, so I am a little behind still, but there’s a lot of time to catch up still.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,219 words

Tuesday: 249 words

Wednesday: 2,130 words

Thursday: 856 words

Friday: 827 words

Saturday: 1,161 words

Sunday: 1,768 words


So on Wednesday and today I passed the 1,667 words mark, the daily goal for NaNo. I’m pretty pleased about that. Tuesday was a work-babysitting combo, when I wrote in the morning before work and was utterly exhausted by the time I got home from babysitting at the relatively early time of 10pm.

I’m well and truly into chapter 2 of the story, the storm chapter, and it’s proving enjoyable if sometimes challenging. I’m nearing the end of it now, and will hopefully finish tomorrow and move on to chapter 3.

Since I am some way behind for NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to set aside Monday and Thursday next week to have as writing days. I’m not working either day, and neither do I have craft groups or other obligations, so it suits nicely and gives me a couple of days in between to let my thoughts catch up. If I can get about 4 sessions writing spaced across the day – a morning one, early afternoon, late afternoon and evening – I think I could manage 4 or 5,000 words tomorrow, provided I know what to write, which with chapter 3 shouldn’t be too difficult since I’ve done a version of it before and know the general aims and plot points already, even if some of it will undoubtedly change.

If I can manage 5k words on Monday and Thursday, plus 1,667 words each of the other days next week, I’ll have almost caught up; I’ll just need a double day the following week to make it. And I’m planning on going to join my former region for a write-in in two weeks time – a trip which will involve an hour each way on a train, and two hours at the write in, plus whatever writing I manage after I get back. That might be a double day all by itself. write-ins are usually very motivating.

So on balance, while I’ve got a fair bit of catching up to do, I think I can still win this.

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