Progress report: One Million Words, week 17

My first full week of NaNoWriMo has been a productive one, at least compared to previous weeks if not compared to other WriMos. I have written 7,057 words this week, for an average of 1,008 words per day.

My One Million Words total is now 63,759/1,000,000 words, or 6.4%.

My NaNoWriMo total is 8,796/50,000, or 17.6%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 1,204 words

Tuesday: 1,061 words

Wednesday: 1,133 words

Thursday: 2,072 words

Friday: 426 words

Saturday: 424 words

Sunday: 737 words


I made a fairly decent start, but towards the end of this week got a big bogged down and returned to the sorts of wordcounts I was getting before NaNo. Still, progress is progress and week 18 should be less busy.

This week I was working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and additionally babysitting on Wednesday and Friday and seeing a play on Saturday evening. Adding in the Knit and Natter I go to on Fridays, I didn’t have much time left over for writing, but I did dig out my old netbook – still with NaNoWriMo stickers from 2008-2010 on it – and took that with me babysitting both times (though on Wednesday I was home early enough to still write some more at home afterwards).

It’s been a busy and tiring week, but now I’ve got a bit more free time ahead of me since shifts at work are back to normal for this week and now the play is over, and my client won’t be attending rehearsals every week anymore, I won’t be babysitting so much.

As for the story, well, chapter 1 is going to be even longer this time round than last time. And I’m a bit worried I’ve made the same mistake I kept making last time round, of revealing certain information to one of the characters too early. But perhaps I can make it work this time. I don’t know. When it comes to editing in December, this chapter will keep me busy. I’m almost at the end now, so when I start today’s writing I should be able to move on to chapter 2 fairly quickly.

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