A Year for More Reading: update

I have been reading more this year, as planned, though until now I’ve been rather lax about the recording of it. Having just completed a book, I thought now would be a good time to update, and find out just where I am when it comes to that 26-book target.

Here’s the list of books I have read (as far as I can remember, by checking my bookshelf and my Kindle):

  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman
  2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C S Lewis
  3. The Surgeon’s Mate, Patrick O’Brian
  4. The Ionian Mission, Patrick O’Brian
  5. Treason’s Harbour, Patrick O’Brian
  6. The Liar’s Key, Mark Lawrence
  7. The Bloodline Feud, Charles Stross
  8. The Trader’s War, Charles Stross
  9. The Revolution Trade, Charles Stross
  10. The Shepherd’s Crown, Terry Pratchett
  11. Star of the Sea, Joseph O’Connor

As for non-fiction, I’ve read bits of a few but not got all the way through any, or even most of the way, so there’s nothing to list. Must do better. I suspect I might be reading more acadmically-written books, and finding them rather dense, so might see what I can manage in books written more for a general audience.

So that’s 11/26, if you count the books I said I wasn’t going to count because they’re by my favourite authors. I’ve changed my mind about that; I’m counting them. In my defence, I could count the three Charles Stross books as six, which is how they were originally published, but I’m not.

Eleven books may well be more than I read last year. I’ve got the twelfth lined up, freshly picked up from the library yesterday.

I’m glad I read Star of the Sea. It’s given me insight into a period of history I was previously ignorant of, and it is incredibly well written. The style used is that of the “true crime” genre, though the story is fictional, with a character of an author who claims to have put the disparate parts of the narrative together – captain’s log, letters, diary entries, recollections, witness statements and so on. It’s one of these books that leads you to draw certain conclusions while carefully sowing the seeds of truth where they might easily be missed. The key characters are complex and nuanced.

The book I picked up from the library yesterday is The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox, which I look forward to starting later this afternoon.

If I am to reach the 26 planned books by the end of December, now less than three months away, I’ll have to read more quickly. I don’t think I will reach 26, though perhaps I might manage 18. Still, an improvement on last year. I’ve also been reading more short stories too, though I can’t remember those so easily. Maybe I’ll start making records of that too.

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