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Progress report: One Million Words, week 11

This week’s been pretty good for my wordcount. 5,747 words added this week – about a thousand words more than last week. The average daily output for this week is 821 words a day – quite a bit higher than it was even just a few weeks ago. I’m definitely getting into the swing of things now. The habit has been formed, and my sessions are being more productive than ever before.

My overall wordcount stands at 38,933/1,000,000, or 3.89%, so I’m fast closing on my fourth percentage point. I might even reach it tomorrow. My streak is at 71 days now.

Day by day summary

Monday: 814 words

Tuesday: 872 words

Wednesday: 712 words

Thursday: 1143 words

Friday: 1033 words

Saturday: 536 words

Sunday: 637 words.

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Progress Report: One Million Words, week 10

Note: I’m actually writing this post before I’ve written today. I just haven’t had time to write yet, and I’ve got to go out soon to babysit, but I’ve got a few minutes now and I wanted to make sure I posted the weekly report.  I’ll update it Monday morning with the missing info. I can write while I’m out babysitting, but by the time I get home I’ll be too tired to get back on the PC to spend 30-40 minutes writing this post, hence doing the bulk of it now with updates tomorrow morning.

So, the week’s total at the moment is 3,731. This does not include today’s writing, as I’ve not done it yet, and it also doesn’t include Friday’s writing as I did that longhand and haven’t counted it yet. I’d say a rough estimate of between 400 and 450 words would be about right, though, bringing the week’s total to about 4,131 plus tonight’s writing.

I have, this week, passed the 3% mark for the challenge. The total is 32,135/1,000,000, not including Friday’s uncounted wordcount and today’s unwritten wordcount.


It’s Monday, I’ve counted and I’m updating! The week’s total is 4,782 words total, which is an average of 683 words a day this week.

The challenge total is 33,186/1,000,000, or 3.32%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 529 words

Tuesday: 910 words

Wednesday: 782 words (491 on a prompt-inspired story; 291 on the Kell story)

Thursday: 1205 words (838 on a worldbuilding-related story, 367 on the Kell story)

Friday: Update! 494 words (on an event ten years before the Kell story)

Saturday: 305 words

Sunday: Update! 557 words (continuing Friday’s story most likely)

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It’s time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo

With only just over six weeks until National Novel Writing Month begins, I’m starting to see forum topics about it. I’m already doing my One Million Words challenge, and I’m already writing every single day. I’ve even had a day over NaNo’s daily average requirement of 1,667 words last week. So am I going to sign up this year? Am I going to write 50,000 words in 30 days?

The short answer is “I don’t know”. And I don’t need to make a decision just yet. But it is something to consider, and the time to start planning for it is now. Even if I continue my current approach of discovery writing rather than working to an outline, planning is still needed. Planning my strategy, working on worldbuilding and characters even if the plot remains To Be Determined, and ramping up my daily output towards that magic number, 1,667, so that when November starts I’ve already got the discipline in place.

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Progress report: One MIllion Words, week 9

I’ve had a good week this week. Solid daily progress on the ongoing story I’ve been working on, and a prompt on Reddit’s /r/writingprompts board inspired me enough that I added another 1,400 words on top of that. This week’s total is 4,927 – almost 1,500 words more than my next best week so far. I’d have topped five thousand this week if I’d just started today’s writing a little earlier; I’ve had to cut it short.

My total is now 28,404/1,000,000, or 2.84%.

Day by day summary

Monday: 424 words

Tuesday: 611 words

Wednesday: 1,870 words (of which 1,401 was a standalone short story and 469 was on the ongoing story)

Thursday: 610 words

Friday: 565 words

Saturday: 572 words

Sunday: 275 words

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Progress Report: One Million Words, week 8

My output has gone down a bit this week. I’ve written 2,450 words this week, with a daily average of 350. Still, I’ve managed to write every day even if not much, and my streak now stands at a milestone – 50 days.

My total wordcount is 23,477/1,000,000, or 2.35%.

Day-by-day breakdown

Monday: 476 words

Tuesday: 311 words

Wednesday: 201 words

Thursday: 305 words

Friday: 439 words

Saturday: 210 words

Sunday: 508 words.

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