Daily Archives: 23 February, 2015

The story that wants to be written

There is a story within me that needs to be written. This is a phrase I’ve heard a lot of times before, and have understood at a superficial level to mean “I want to tell this story”, but recent reflections have given me a deeper understanding of it.

There is a story within me that I keep trying to write. The same story, in essentials. A relationship between two individuals. At the beginning of the story they are divided by a moral or ideological divide. At some point one is captured by the other, and both gain new perspectives about one another. A third entity comes to the fore whose ideals and morals are far more removed from either party than they are from one another, and who becomes the antagonist to both, though perhaps not to both at the same time. The character of the original two whose morality is greyer than the other’s may have worked for this antagonist at some point, knowingly or unknowingly, though certainly unknowing of the depths of the antagonist’s moral depravities. At some point, the earlier captor-captive relationship between my protagonists is reversed, and again both gain greater insight into the other. Subsequently, they unite against the antagonist, and use different skills, including those gained or honed as a direct result of their moral position at the start of the story, to defeat the antagonist.

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