Charting my webcomic journey 1

A while back, I decided it was time I started drawing again. I used to be quite involved in a webcomics community, The Webcomic List forums, and occasionally draw a few pages here and there, one or two for a comic that, because of my own lack of commitment, didn’t get far, and a few for a “webcomic jam” where different members of the forum took it in turns to produce the next page in the story. I was not, at that stage, ready to make a webcomic myself; I tried a few times, but struggled with plotting and general dedication to the drawing side of things.

However, after November’s decision to start drawing again and my return to those forums at the same time, I’ve resumed my interest. And while brainstorming this evening for a story to go along with my Phoenix article, I wondered if I could try my Phoenix story as a webcomic. For my first comic, though, I want to keep it short, so I developed a simple plot in which a young girl witnesses the rebirth of the phoenix, which I’ve based on ancient accounts as I’ve read in my article research, and tries to help the phoenix out by feeding it. It refuses all offers of food (again, in line with what ancient sources say), and grows from a tiny worm thing (yep, ancient sources again) to a full adult phoenix in a couple of days, then flies away. It’s a brief plot, and I think I’ll try making it wordless and just depend on the visuals to tell the story. My outline, which I don’t think is wholly unrealistic, puts it at a managable 14 pages long.

The next step is to get some drawing practice in. I haven’t been drawing quite as much as planned, but now I’ve got some material to go from I can target my efforts: little girls, arabian palm trees, and various types of bird that have been linked to the phoenix as I develop the design for it, as well as various young birds to show the growth of the phoenix between “worm thing” and adult phoenix.

Once I’ve got a good idea of how each element of the story will look, I’ll sketch things out panel by panel, working out how I want each panel to look, camera angles, etc, and develop a page-by-page rough draft. Then i’ll start drawing, then inking, then colouring.

For each stage on the way I’ll post relevant updates so you can see how I’m getting on. It’s gonna be a fun new project.

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