Monthly Archives: November 2014

A new direction in my creative outlets

It seems I’ve been jumping from project to project a lot this year, and here I am doing it again. I haven’t written since my last blog post, weeks ago, and I’m wondering if it’s time to put novels aside for the time being and try and different format for storytelling. I am now considering returning to an old but unrealised interest, comics. I’ve tried a few scripts and drawn a few pages in the past, but never got far with them, and I don’t know if I’ll stick at it this time, but I’m gonna give it a go.

There’s a story idea I’ve been toying with recently, and I’ve done a few little bits and bobs in the way of worldbuilding – drawn a map, come up with a sentient bird species, that sort of thing. I’m considering putting this story into comic format. It’s still in the very early stages – I don’t even have names for the five characters I’ve got rough ideas for so far – but I’ll see where things go.

But if I am going to be drawing a comic from this story, I’m going to need to get back into practice with drawing too. I used to draw a lot, but the last few years I’ve barely done anything. So for now, from that side of things, while I work out the story I’m also going to work on improving my drawing ability. I’m going to aim to draw one thing every day, at a minimum. Today I went into town and bought a sketchbook and some mechanical pencils to make a start on that goal, and this evening I sketched three things while listening to a podcast. What I’ll try to do is post my sketches here on my blog, along with musings and so on about what I’ve drawn, why I picked it, how I might work it into the worldbuilding (if at all).

Here are today’s sketches:

1. Potala Palace

This was drawn from a photo on the Wikipedia page for Potala Palace. It’s a Tibettan palace formerly used by the Dalai Lama, and it’s got really impressive architecture. I want to explore architecutre from a variety of cultures before deciding what kind of architecture to use within the comic, and this one presented an interesting start to that, since it’s not architecure of a type I’m familiar with.

sketch of part of Potala palace in Tibet

2. A cockerel

I expect animals to feature occasionally in the story, even if they’re more set dressing than participants, so I went looking through reddit’s /r/animalporn subreddit (not what it sounds like) and found this image, by redditor ArrantPariah. From that photo, I drew this:


3. A river landscape

The story I have in mind will involve the characters travelling over a variety of terrains, so I decided for my final sketch today I’d have a go at a landscape, and I found a nice photo in my own photo library that I took about this time last year. It’s got a couple of ducks, some trees and a nice reflection. Here’s the photo:

Ducks on the Severn

And here’s the sketch:

ducks on the river

I think the contrast on this last one is a little lacking and would need bulking up. I’m happy with how the willow tree came out though. That was nice and easy too.

Still, considering I’ve not drawn recently, not too bad.