Daily Archives: 22 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 20

Alright, so I’ve learned there’s a programme on the Beeb at 9 I want to watch (Lost Kingdoms of Central America with the wonderful Jago Cooper) so tonight’s session is (a) early and (b) not gonna catch up for Friday and Saturday. I’ve also put on some top John Williams movie soundtracks to listen to during this session – the energetic ones.

So yesterday I’d just got to the bit where Laik comes in. I realise that quite a lot of the story so far can be described as “Fiarra in a cell, talking to Laik”, but that’s just about to change. Temporarily, at least. In this scene, Laik will explain the situation to Fiarra: the Governor’s plan, and the Governor’s latest orders, namely that Fiarra has to work for Laik now, since Laik apparently likes Fiarra so much (as far as the Governor, slightly sarcastically, can tell). Of course, Laik isn’t the type to reveal all or let her guard down, so Fiarra is not going to learn everything. What she does learn, though she’s not going to be happy about – but there are threats in place to keep her docile.

So, as Jurassic Park’s theme tune just starts to pick up, I’m making a start at 20:09.

And finishing at 20:49. 673 words.

Objective achieved. And so begins what I fear could be a slow section of the story; tomorrow’s task will then be to work out how to keep things moving – how to make things difficult for Fiarra, what goals to give her, what discoveries she will make, what obstacles she will face.

It’s a good thing I’m writing this story as a novel. It’d make a really bad comic, with all these conversations from cells. Maybe my next project will be something more visual, something designed to be a comic. And it couldn’t hurt to take up the drawing again.

Right, time to learn about civilisations I’d never heard about before, presented excellently by Jago Cooper on the BBC. Lovely.