Daily Archives: 21 September, 2014

September not-quite-daily writing 19

Okay I skipped Friday and Saturday. It’s been a busy weekend. I didn’t think I’d manage tonight either, but plans changed and now I’ve got a bit of time – enough time to get today’s session in. I’ll try and catch up on Friday and Saturday’s lost time during the week ahead.

On Thursday I left the story in the holding cells under the barracks, with Fiarra learning a little about the others in the same situation. But I don’t want their conversation to drag on too long, so I’ll have a change of guard before things get too far, with the new guard  actually enforcing the “no talking” rule. Then it’ll be a long, silent wait until things start happening, because everyone else is busy with the festival. But come evening, Laik will make her return, and the other two will be taken away to start their new lives as slaves on the wall.

So, starting 19:55.

Finishing 20:45. 941 words. Finishing the conversation and filling the time gap in between took up most of that, with Laik only arriving at the end of it. I’ll probably have to cut a fair bit of the filler when I come through again but for now it’ll do. Tomorrow I’ll be on to what actually happens with Laik.