Daily Archives: 18 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 18

Yesterday I left the scene right before Fiarra was spared death, as the crowd shouted for her to die. I guess I like leaving cliff-hangers for myself? Honestly, though, I remain really pleased with what I wrote yesterday. It’s so much more powerful than the briefer version I wrote on Tuesday. Now I need to move on. The noose comes off, Fiarra is led away from the crowd and back to the barracks cells with the other two who survived, for holding until the festival is over. I’m definitely gonna make that guard character more important too. Maybe part of the internal revolution I’m planning a way down the line. Anyway. So back in the cells Fiarra chats with the other two “criminals” and finds out their crimes have been exaggerated too, and they were targetted by people who just didn’t like them in positions of authority. Then the other two get taken away and the guard is told to wait, as Laik comes at last to speak to Fiarra.

I’m starting late tonight so I’d better get started. 21:33.

Finishing 22:20. 809 words. Didn’t get to Laik turning up but covered a fair bit of ground.