Daily Archives: 15 September, 2014

September (almost) Daily Writing 14 and 15

I didn’t write last night because I had a nasty headache, so I’m making up for it tonight with a bumper double edition for your viewing pleasure. I’ve got 25 minutes til the beeper on the oven goes of to tell me dinner’s ready, so I’ll get stuck right in, then have a break for dinner, then have a second session.

Today I need to get started on the festival. No Laik in this – she’s apparently too busy making arrangements, but actually she’s in heated conference with the Governor, who has just revealed her plan to Laik about “pardonning” all the criminals due to be hanged. Which suddenly raises the question: where were the others being held til now? Oops, something I might have to fix in editing. Anyway. In this first session, Fiarra gets fresh clothes for the “execution” and gets some serious dread on as she is marched out there. I doubt I’ll get further than that, but if I do, it’s time for the Governor to give a speech about how wonderfully merciful she is pardonning these criminals.

Starting 20:06.

Finishing 20:26. 498 words. Now for dinner.

Okay break over. Dinner was entirely mediocre. And in my earlier writing session I got as far as Fiarra changing into the new clothes for the execution. Now for a short wait and a whole load of dread. And the sounds of people enjoying themselves at the festival, just to juxtapose things a bit, and then the long walk to the gallows, the Governor’s “aren’t I merciful” speech and maybe some more fun after that.

Oh and for the record, today’s music is the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Lovely bit of music.

Starting second session 21:03.

Finishing 21:42, with 905 words. Never did get to the festival bit. Gave Fiarra a last minute chat with the guard, who revealed who else was about to be executed or rather their crimes, and what the Governor had told people about Fiarra (dangerous rebel leader who caused a slave uprising and attacked the quarry; how her feats grow in the telling). So tomorrow I’ll get to the Governor’s “aren’t I merciful” speech, for certain. Probably.

Pretty good day overall, with a total making up for yesterday’s headache. Now it’s time for bed.