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September Daily Writing 12

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the Superman theme to get motivated. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: John Williams is a genius. Honestly this stuff makes me want to do the superhero pose.

Yesterday’s session ended up being short. I finished on a bit of a downer – bad news for Fiarra – and it’s had the effect of deflating things a bit. I need to step things up a little. I don’t want to get to the festival too quickly, I want to add in one or two more interactions between Fiarra and Laik first, just to build their relationship a bit more. I need to be careful with this at this stage. It’s all too tempting to let my two favourite characters become friends, but I have to keep reminding myself that if that ever happens, it’s not for a very long time indeed. But at the same time, I want it to be a little bit more complex than unbridged hatred.

At this point, Fiarra sees Laik as her enemy; the Governor is still a background figure to Fiarra, and Laik is the person in focus. Laik is the bearer of bad news most of the time, and seemingly the person in charge of the decisions that cause the bad news. But at the same time, Laik is her primary lifeline, her only chance of survival and her only source of information about her friends. From Laik’s point of view, Fiarra is a criminal from a family of criminals, openly antagonistic and aggressive, who has been accused of spying and sabotage – but whose actions have also saved possibly saved Prentor’s life, even if those actions were done for completely different reasons.

And at the same time Laik was trying to use Fiarra as a case to make sure everyone accused of a crime gets a trial before they are sentenced – which the Governor is not in favour of and which she has now rejected in Fiarra’s case using the excuse that Fiarra lied about her actions and attempted to escape. And that leaves Laik somewhat resentful towards Fiarra for putting a spanner in the works of that cause, and Fiarra believing Laik barely even bothered to argue for a trial at all.

So any interactions I include need to take all that into consideration.

So today’s session will, hopefully, include Fiarra being moved up to the barracks so the hole she made in the cell wall can be repaired. Laik will visit her at the barracks, with Fiarra refusing to talk until she gets her trial, and later, asking Laik to pass on a message to her friends. Laik refuses to tell Fiarra’s friends about the planned execution in case they attempt a rescue, which she will point out would be more likely to result in them all dead than Fiarra freed.

Starting a little on the late side at 21:35.

Finishing 22:12. 673 words. Had a go at the first argument, but I might rewrite it tomorrow. Have to think about it. Tomorrow, though: desperation, and Fiarra asking for messages to be given to her friends.