Daily Archives: 11 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 11

Today has been a difficult one, for a lot of people worldwide. I started the day tired and ran on coffee to meet my deadlines at work, nothing particularly unusual, but throw in what day it is and there’s an extra layer of emotional fatigue. It’s difficult to think of what people went through thirteen years ago today – people on the four planes, in the buildings, in the emergency services and military forces, and the people living and working in New York and the Pentagon. Over two thousand peoples’ stories ended that day, in tragedy, in fear, in bravery and in self-sacrifice. Any heroism or humanity I can paint with my words in my whole writing career pales in comparison to what some people managed in a single day thirteen years ago, saving the lives of strangers at the expense of their own in a situation nobody could have been trained for.

I know it’s not relevant to what I’m writing or to my little daily challenge, but it needs to be remembered, today if on no other.

But back to what I am writing.

Yesterday I finished with Laik asking more about the quarry. Fiarra gave her a convincing lie, and instigated an argument that Laik then walked away from. Fiarra resumed working on her escape plan: to make a hole in the brick wall through to the next alcove, and hopefully escape. Time to make things worse for her again: Laik will reveal she’s spotted Fiarra’s attempts and that the next alcove is a locked cell too, and that it’s all going to get bricked up again and a guard assigned to watch Fiarra to prevent another attempt.

Starting 21:22.

Finishing 21:55. Only 405 words tonight. Fiarra is being moved, the brick hole is going to be repaired, and she’s not getting a trial after all. Not sure what to do tomorrow. I might skip ahead a few days and get to the festival at last.