Daily Archives: 9 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 9

Today I start a new scene, and that’s always daunting. Well, I’ve started plenty of scenes, but where the lead neatly one to the next it’s one thing. When I finished at the end of a scene, even to the point that my character is asleep at the end of it, it’s a bit of a bigger deal. There’s not so much of a jumping-off point. Which is probably why I run scenes together as much as I do in the normal course of my writing.

I need to convey the passage of time. And Fiarra still has an escape plan, even if it resulted in a brick falling on her foot (this is why we wear steel-toe boots on construction sites, kids – and believe me, if you’re gonna do it often buy your own, the site’s supply can be uncomfortable and are usually only found in men’s sizes). Ahem. So I think in today’s scene, Fiarra will make some more progress on that and later Laik will come down and ask about the quarry.

Starting 21:11.

Stopping 21:46. 621 words. I didn’t get to Laik and the quarry questions, still, but had the guard return with the next day’s dinner and got Fiarra chatting with her. I think I might cut that, it’s not quite going where I want it to go, and I think it’s time I moved on to Laik and the quarry questions sooner rather than later. I can have Fiarra chat with the guard another time.