Daily Archives: 8 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 8

I sort of resisted writing today. It’s 9pm so I am, but ten minutes ago I felt like not bothering. But that wouldn’t be any good if I’m trying to get this daily thing down. Saturday was allowable, because I was pretty exhausted from a busy day and I had time on Sunday when I could – and did – make up the missed session. But today’s Monday so no cheating.

The problem is lost momentum. Maybe I was wrong to drop the execution thing on Fiarra as soon as I did. I guess I’ve got to get that back today. I left things mid-scene yesterday, in a scene I’m not sure will be all that interesting. I mean, I guess it’s just conversation, really, and more answers than questions. And there’s Fiarra’s injured foot, the guard will be back with stuff to see to that.

Maybe it’s best to keep it short, and leave out questions and answers for now. I need to look at things from Laik’s perspective again. Her objective in going down there is to check on Fiarra. Laik was surprised when the Governor revealed that Fiarra would be executed at the festival, and she’s not heartless, in spite of what Fiarra thinks of her at the moment. Maybe she wants to apologise, but never quite manages to say it. I think she’s shocked that the Governor dismissed the suggestion of at least holding a trial before executing Fiarra, so maybe she wants to reassure Fiarra that she is going to make sure that happens. I guess that’s where things will go today then.

Starting at 21:14.

Finishing 22:08. I wrote 1,011 words today – so I’m definitely happy with that. I finished the scene, too. I had Laik leave pretty sharpish after Fiarra asked her why she followed the Governor, if she disagreed with her about the trial, but I’d brought in a guard earlier who helped out with the foot wound clean-up. I haven’t given this guard a name but I think I’ll make sure to reuse her later.

So tomorrow I start a new scene. I think that might be where Laik comes down asking about what Fiarra was doing trying to break into the quarry. But that’s for tomorrow. Now I’m off to bed.