September Daily Writing 6 (a bit late)

Yesterday ended up being a full on day and I was tired out by 9pm, so got an early night instead of writing. But I’m making up for it now, and will write a second time today later on at the normal time.


Yesterday Fiarra found out the Governor planned on having her executed at the festival. She doesn’t know when the festival is and thus how much time she has left. Laik will come back in what I write this afternoon, with food she can’t not give to Fiarra after the Governor’s order. Laik still has questions she wants answers to, and now she’s spoken to Prentor she’s got a fuller story of the events at the mine, but there are still questions about why Fiarra was breaking into the quarry camp.

The question of how I can make things worse is a tricky one this time, because I’ve just made things pretty much as bad as they can get. I can’t go bigger than that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have some small thing that just adds to the pile. An injury while testing the cell more thoroughly than before for some means to escape would fit the bill.

I’ve thought about leverage too. Laik can regain that by offering little luxuries: a matress to sleep on, better or more food, a cup of cider, a change of clothes. Not at first. Not, perhaps, in today’s scene. And Fiarra might be resistant at first, unwilling to fall to bribes, but if she’s persuaded that her information won’t go hurting anyone then maybe she’d be more willing to co-operate.

For this session, then: Fiarra explores her cell more, hurts her hand so that it bleeds. And she’d got a while to put up with that, because nobody is around to help her. Then Laik returns, with food. She sends the guard for a clean cloth and warm water when she sees Fiarra’s injury, and the two of them have a little chat on slightly more equal terms.


Oops, forgot to note down my start time. About 15:20ish I think. Anyway, finishing 15:59, with 733 words. Didn’t get to Laik’s return, but managed an injury – to Fiara’s foot, not her hand, in the end. I’m actually pretty happy about how I described it. She’s working a loose brick out of the wall and her hand slips as she’s pulling it out and the brick falls.

It looked like the red baked clay had come right off the brick onto my foot, until it started hurting, and the redness expanded from the little dotted marks, and I saw it was blood, not clay.

So in my session this evening I’ll write Laik’s return and their chat.

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