Daily Archives: 5 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 5


Fiarra’s going to be left alone a while. I think a day will do. I was thinking yesterday that it would be longer, but then she’d need to be fed by guards and that would be like Laik conceded defeat. And I’ve asked myself “what can get worse for Fiarra today?” and the answer is: the Governor comes down and reveals Fiarra will be executed at the festival in a few days. This is what I was planning anyway, but previously I planned on having Fiarra get the news a little later. Now, the Governor is planning all along to have a few people condemned to be executed on festival day, but to actually “pardon” them so she looks merciful. But she needs workers, and killing people means fewer of those. She doesn’t let Laik in on her plan, though. Not at first, anyway.

But what that means for Fiarra is she’s left with this massive thing to deal with, and a deadline to apparently get out of it – a motivation to try anything in her conversations with Laik.

So that’s for today: a long wait, followed by a visit from the Governor. I can make things worse for Laik too, if the Governor orders Fiarra be fed properly so she doesn’t starve before the festival, taking away the leverage Laik was using.

Starting 21:24.


Finishing 22:06. 751 words tonight. I’ve written the scene exactly as planned. Tomorrow, I’ll bring Laik back – later in the evening, perhaps, but not too late. I’m not entirely sure how to play it, but she’s not exactly happy with the Governor’s apparent decision. Nor, though, does she want to lose her control over Fiarra or open herself up. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow for how to play it.