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September Daily Writing 3

I’m struggling to find the right music today. I’ve gone through Karl Jenkins, Ludovico Einaudi, Hans Zimmer and Phamie Gow and none of it quite fits. Something more energetic, I guess. Knopfler, perhaps. I’ll try Going Home from the Local Hero soundtrack while I type this out and see if that fits.


Fiarra is alone for the time being. I don’t want to put in too much introspection, I think it slowed the old version down, but I don’t want to jump right to the next time Laik comes in. I think I’ll add a guard coming down to give Fiarra water. When Laik returns, though, she’s taking a different tack: asking about the mine rather than the quarry – what happened with the big break-out and all that. That gives Fiarra the chance to challenge Laik about asking Prentor – and gives me a chance to reveal a little of Laik’s storyline in the process.

Since Going Home starts quietly and ends abruptly, it’s not suitable for repeat, so I’m gonna go with Brothers in Arms instead.

Starting 21:12.


Finishing 21:54, with 702 words.

I’m not completely sure the direction I’ve taken it in the last few lines is where I want to go. Laik doesn’t say “slaves” when talking about the workers at the mine, and Fiarra notices. But I think I don’t want her to notice that, because it lays bare a part of Laik’s personality I don’t want Fiarra to be able to use yet. It makes it too easy for Fiarra and it loses Laik the upper hand far too early and far too permanently. So I’ll cut that tomorrow and go back to the plan I had to get Fiarra to mention that the mine director can corroborate her story. Til then, Fiarra is just answering questions with as little information as she can, trying to make Laik frustrated. Or something. I’ll work it out tomorrow.