Daily Archives: 2 September, 2014

September Daily Writing 2

I’m starting a little early tonight so I’ve got more time for reading afterwards. I’m rereading Howl’s Moving Castle again because it’s a brilliant book and I love it and I want time to really get into it before I have to sleep.

A little while back I discovered that there’s a track on Twin Atlantic’s album Free called Serious Underground Dance Vibes which has no lyrics and which can repeat in a manner which isn’t jarring and also is quite good. I’ve had it on repeat while doing stuff for hours at a time before. And tonight, that’s what I’m listening to.


So Laik things Fiarra is a rebel leader, on Roth’s information, and she expects Fiarra to ie about this. Today I continue the interrogation. I need to balance this right. I don’t want to drag it out or repeat things too much, and I don’t want either character to reveal their hand too soon. After all, Fiarra doesn’t want to give Laik leverage to use against her or to find and punish her friends just for knowing her. And Laik doesn’t want to lose control of the situation by seeming too desperate or appearing to be doubtful in her position.

At the same time, Laik’s a busy woman. She can’t spend all her time down here trying to get information out of Fiarra. And she uses that fact to her advantage – she’s not going to be rushed in her approach or look anxious about how long she’s spending down here, but if Fiarra doesn’t want to talk, she can go and do something else – and Fiarra is left alone with her thoughts and doubts.


657 words, and to the end of the first session of questioning, which ended when Fiarra wasn’t answering any questions. Fiarra is stewing, and tomorrow I’ll bring Laik back and have some more questioning. Later in the day, perhaps, before Laik’s had a chance to talk to Prentor. I think I’ll have Laik take a different tack in the questioning, and focus on what happened at the mine this time, rather than asking about rebels and what Fiarra was doing at the quarry. That gives me the chance to have Fiarra challenge her about what Prentor said.