Monthly Archives: August 2014

Writing is hard work

It’s been a month since I’ve blogged. I’ve been avoiding it, if I’m honest, because here I am accountable, and here I must therefore face my failures, and that’s not a fun thing to do. But today I made some progress, of a sort. I wrote an article, which will go live on the Mythic Scribes front page in a week. I actually started writing it a long while ago. The topic interested and excited me, because it relates to Greek mythology and of course I can’t pass up on that. But I kept putting it off, even though I had the source material on my bookshelf and plenty else I could put into it at my fingertips via Google, in part because it was a reminder of the other things I wasn’t doing and should have been.

I am, most likely, overthinking this story. There’s so much to it and I want to get it right, and it’s very difficult to ignore that voice in my head telling me it’s not good enough. Sometimes it’s easier not to write than to struggle. Or to write something else. I’ve had a couple of other projects I’ve had a play around with in the last month. One a story based on a dream, the other a game in the Fable vein, involving a lich and stone circles and other such fun stuff, in which I was mostly worldbuilding (including creating aforementioned stone circles in Minecraft). Enjoyable distractions, but not serious projects, not at this stage.

My daily writing project in May worked. I got words written, I made progress, and I did it. I wrote every day. I’ve not even written every week since then, but maybe it’s time I tried it again, extactly the same format: pre-writing here, then writing on the novel, then summing up progress here and posting that.

Over the last few days I’ve considered changing the protagonist, but I’ve come to realise what I’ve got is pretty solid. The plot summary I did for that changed protagonist version did give me some character insight and backstory, though, so that can make things stronger. And there are a few otehr changes I’ll need to make, starting about 15,000 words into my last version, so that’s what I’m going to do: start with where things change, and keep that early section of the story.

Starting tomorrow, then: daily writing is back.