Writing reboot progress report, 31 May 2014

Today is my last writing reboot progress report. From tomorrow, I will stop blogging my writing every day and blog other things instead. For a start, I’m gonna take a well-earned rest tomorrow and return to a schedule which lets me take Sunday off.

I’ve definitely found this challenge useful. I’ve written every day for 30 days, for a start (I’m including today; barring some disaster which also prevents me clicking “publish” when I finish typing this blog post, I’m gonna write today). Across the month I’ve averaged 770 words a day, which is pretty good, I think. And more importantly, I’m happy with most of what I’ve written. There are a few things I know I need to rewrite, and a fair bit I cut along the way a day or two after I wrote it, but allowing myself the half hour or so before I start writing to think about what I’m going to write, what themes and goals I have for the scene, has made it a process which produces work I am, on the whole, happy with.

In June I think I’ll try for a weekly progress report here on the blog, but I’ll also start trying to blog about other stuff again too; I’ve been lax this year so far, I know. I’ve not done much reading so I won’t be reviewing any books any time soon (and what I’m reading at the moment is The Hitchhiker’s Guide, which I don’t feel qualified to review, which is sci-fi anyway, and which is hardly in need of more reviews anyway). Maybe a movie, I watch movies all the time on Netflix. Actually, no, I don’t. I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs and programmes by David Attenborough. Eh, I’ll find something to blog about.

Tonight I have been listening to I giorni, which has gotten me in the right mood, but I think I need something with more energy. So I’m listening to Now We Are Free from the Gladiator soundtrack, courtesy of Hanz Zimmer. Great music this.

Thoughts and Plans:

I need to tie up the argument, or, better yet, have Fiarra walk away from it rather than argue, leaving her friends to do whatever they want. That creates a bigger rift between them than if they make up and go for the perimeter walk together. So off Fiarra goes on her own, checking the boundary, looking behind sheds and so on, until she decides to take a rest in a small area of the gardens overlooking the sea, which Laik isn’t too impressed with when she finds Fiarra there because, unknown to Fiarra, it’s where Laik buried her former employer when the plague hit. So some fun times ahead, except not for Fiarra.

Starting writing 21:33.


Finishing 22:07 with 867 words. Material covered as required, but I’ve got some thinking to do for where to take the story next.

Here’s the final graph for the month:

May writing reboot graph 3

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