Writing reboot progress report, 28 May 2014

Been a busy evening today so I’m starting a bit late. Maybe I’ll have time afterwards to finish my row on the crochet blanket I stopped working on when dinner was ready.

Thoughts and Plans:

I return to the joyous reunion with Teyt and shortly Corun. And here’s where I’m really worried about losing steam, because, sort of, goal completed. They’ve been found, after 40,000 words of looking for them. Okay so the whole group is still enslaved in various places around, but things are looking too rosy and I need to make sure Fiarra doesn’t rest on her laurels at simply having found them, but moves right on to the “get everyone free” plan. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for her to go for the more selfless approach and try to tackle the whole system of slavery, because that’s big, so for now she’s working towards an escape plan, and I’ll feed in and build up the “take down the Governor” goal gradually.


278 words. About 15 minutes. I’m pretty drained, actually, and I don’t have a strong enough grasp on the voices and personalities of Teyt and Corun. I’ll refresh tomorrow and have another shot at it.

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