Writing Reboot progress report, 27 May 2014

Gods above I’m getting close to the end of the month now. It’s gone so quick.

You know what I love? Classic FM. I listen to it on the drive to and from work every day. Today, following a trip to the supermarket on the way home for some pear juice (or, as it’s sold, Kopparberg Pear non-alcoholic. I like the taste, okay? I got the booze version too) I got back into my car (which now that I think about it is due for a service next month, damn) and what should come on Classic FM but the Hobbit theme?

Now, I know in my review of those movies I was pretty down on them (well, not as down as on certain other films, *cough* 300: Rise of an Empire *cough* (I’ve got a lot of asides in brackets going here don’t I?)) but there’s no faulting the music. Or the music to The Lord of the Rings. Howard Shore was totally spot on with it all. Anyway, so that’s what I’m listening to tonight. I generally avoid this because it’s already so strongly associated with a different world, and a different type of world, to what I write that I worry it’ll be distracting, and perhaps it will be a bit, but because it’s so damn good I might pay attention to it instead of writing, not because of Middle Earth.

Oh god and then there’s Enya with May it Be. That’s far too distracting (in the so-good-I-have-to-listen way). I’ll put it in the Enya playlist where it won’t stand out so much.

See, I’m already distracted. And rambling. Time to put that energy into the novel.

Thoughts and Plans:

I left Fiarra, following a run-in with Roth, hiding behind a barrel adjacent to a pub. What I didn’t say yesterday is that this is the pub where Teyt and Corun work/ are enslaved. Hooray! Yeah so after a few minutes hiding, Fiarra’s gonna emerge, decide to stay off the streets for a bit and grab a drink in the meantime, whereupon she sees Teyt gathering up empties.

This is a reunion months in the waiting. There’s gonna be relief, joy, disbelief, more joy, and someone being annoyed his staff isn’t paying attention to customers. And hopefully plenty of that. I’d better get writing, it’s nearly bed time (don’t judge me, my alarm goes off at 6am).

Starting writing 21:55.


Finishing 22:22 with 670 words. I didn’t get far into the reunion, I had some setup first, but I got as far as hugging and a bit of talk between Teyt and Fiarra. Tomorrow I’ll bring Corun into it. But 670 words in that time is pretty good, so it’s flowing reasonably well. Now if only I didn’t need half an hour first to get myself into the writing mood. I guess once this challenge is over that’ll be June’s goal – less time talking about writing, more time writing.

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