Writing reboot progress report, 26 May 2014

It’s amazing how a few notes of a track can bring back memories. I was going to start this blog post in a different way, talking about the relaxed day off work I’ve had (yay Bank Holidays), but then I started playing Ancora by Einaudi and all of a sudden memories of the time I went to Greece on a school field trip (the Classical Civilisation group) in 2006 came back to me. The day I remember with the greatest fondness was the day we went to Delphi. The air was so beautifully fresh, a big contrast to Athens, and at that altitude even in the blazing May sunshine it wasn’t too hot. It was one of the most serene, beautiful places I’ve ever been and certainly somewhere I would want to return to given the chance. Incredible ruins, some overgrown, and views I could gaze across for hours.

But there’s also a bad side to forming mental links between music and experiences. Another track by Einaudi, called Reverie, used to be a favourite – in fact I listened to it on my second trip to Greece, with university in 2011. But it was also the soundtrack to a novel I was writing at the time, one which crashed and burned so spectacularly that I fear to listen to Reverie any more.

Thoughts and Plans:

Today I need to continue with what I was working on yesterday, and hopefully move things forward. A few short snippets of stories, a couple of brief conversations in which Fiarra doesn’t engage with Deego, and then I’ll have them move on, having not seen their friends at the festival, with Fiarra searching the town alone while Siril and Deego remain at the festival in case their friends turn up.

Beginning writing at 21:21.


Finishing at 21:58 with 786 words. It flowed reasonably well today, and I achieved my stated aims. I also added in an encounter with Roth, the guard from the mine and later the quarry who Fiarra has had a couple of run-ins already. I think I might give Roth a reoccurring role. She’s a bully who has it in for Fiarra so she makes a good minor peril to spice up otherwise slow-paced scenes, which that was turning into. I’m sure I can bring her back in later as a slightly bigger threat when I’m moving towards the end of the story.

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