Writing reboot progress report, 23 May 2014

Today’s music is White Horse by Phamie Gow. It’s a beautiful piece of music – unfortunately not on Youtube, though another of my favourite tracks by her is:

Thoughts and Plans:

When I opened up my Word document, I realised that yesterday, I actually set things up fairly well. The question I was worried about finding an answer to isn’t a problem. So I’m gonna get writing.

Starting 21:05


Finishing 21:42, with 674 words. I’m not so happy with what I’ve written today. Too much information, not enough story. I’ve had Laik dumping a whole load of background information and I’m not happy with how I’ve written it at all. The argument is practically over, now it’s all Laik telling Fiarra why things are the way they are and how shit the Narricol empire that used to own and run the island penal colony actually was. Too much info dumping, and not really in character for Laik, who is usually less talkative, particularly about herself. I think I’ll cross it all out tomorrow and have another shot at it after I’ve had time to think about where I want to take this confrontation.

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