Writing reboot progress report, 21 May 2014

My pre-writing procrastination/ other thing I’m trying to do every day was cut short this evening when Duolingo got an error – they seem to think the Germans don’t have a word for “bag”. Support ticket submitted, but being as I am unable to do that lesson thanks to the error, I decided to write instead. An early start tonight is warranted – I’m pretty tired thanks to two consecutive nights of nightmares over this morning’s appointment. All went well, though, nothing to worry about.

Thoughts and Plans:

It feels like I’m moving forward really slowly at the moment. I keeping thinking I’m just a day away from the confrontation, but then it turns out I’m not. Well, gosh darn it, I’m getting there today. Yesterday I got as far as dinner the day before the banquet. Today I’m gonna skim over the interim 16 or so hours between where I am and the banquet in a couple of paragraphs, because I’m sick of not getting there. I’m damn well going to start the confrontation even if it means I have to write for longer tonight.

This is something of a theme with me. In any story I write, I know the key scenes and I have a pretty good idea of how they play out. In the past I’ve skipped right past interim scenes with a “insert scene between X character and Y character here” and gone to the scenes I wanted to write the most. For one past story I wrote about ten different versions of the same finale section, and never once wrote the whole middle part of the story. Well, that’s not a good way to write, which is why I’m doing things this way now. Even so, it’s still a daunting thing to approach, which is why I’m still wittering on here instead of writing. That, and the fact that I can’t decide on some music to listen to today. I’m considering Holst’s Jupiter, but maybe I’ll change it after a couple of plays. Eh, we’ll see.

Starting writing 20:27


Finishing at 21:33, with 1,614 words in total – best day of the month so far! Hooray! And I started the confrontation. Got Fiarra looking at some maps first, then some logs and then Laik walks in and asks what she’d doing. Not quite sure how to have Fiarra respond to that, so that’s a mission for tomorrow. Also, the music stopped playing – the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack I put on after Jupiter finished. And also I’m cold and didn’t want to get up to shut the window while writing or it’d have broken the flow. But yeah, really good progress tomorrow, and some fun lined up for tomorrow.

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