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Writing reboot progress report, 20 May 2014

Stress is not conducive to a good writing mood. I know this from experience. I have an appointment tomorrow morning which has been causing me some stress today and bad dreams last night. I need to get an early night tonight so I’m starting on the writing a little early, but I meant to start earlier than this so I had more time after writing to study Google maps in great detail to make sure I know how to get where I’m going. I sort of put the writing off because it was difficult to get in the right mood. Not that I tried. I procrastinated. I did a few German lessons on Duolingo (Ich mir leid, ich lerne und ich schreibe nicht.)

But then in searching through my music library looking for the right music to write to today – something a bit more energetic than I giorni – I spotted something I’ve not heard for a long time. A track called There is by Box Car Racer – an earlier incarnation of what, after a change to the lineup, later became Blink 182. At one time this was my go-to feel better when upset song. One time a long time ago when I was dating my first boyfriend, who introduced me to this music and that of Blink 182, and a lot of other bands that remain favourites.

Having now got to the third playthrough of this song, I’m starting to get annoyed, not comforted. But 16 year old me could listen to it on repeat for hours. I’m not kidding. I’m stopping this, I can’t listen to this track while I’m writing. Eden Roc it is – Einaudi, with a bit of a faster pace to it.

Thoughts and Plans:

Yesterday I managed to get a “Laik acting like a good guy” moment that Fiarra interprets as a “Laik acting like an evil dick” moment to finish off my session, so that’s pretty good. But now I need to speed things up and get to the banquet so Fiarra can snoop on Laik’s records and get caught and I can start on the big confrontation I’ve been looking forward to. If course, when I get to it I’ll be too concerned about getting it right to actually put words to the page, but I’ll cross that bridge once I’ve burnt it, as my fiance likes to say.

Today, I need to finish the day, start the next, and if possible cover the whole next morning to arrive at Banquet Time.

Starting writing at 20:44


Finishing at 21:25, with 628 words. Got to the end of the day and managed to slip in some of what I was talking about tomorrow – with Laik explaining that she’s been going through records to discover the island’s history, since nobody actually knows anything.