Writing reboot progress report, 19 May 2014

Thoughts and Plans:

I had an idea today. I decided a little while ago that I’d like to stick with this one world for future stories, and save myself from having to think up new rules and geographies every time. There was another world I was working on, one with magic based on geographical locations storing energy created by human memory and perception of importance in the land itself, thus creating magical nodes around important cities and battlefields and so on. I realised that there was no real reason that the story I’m writing now wouldn’t exist within that same world – the lack of magic can be accounted for by the recentness of the settlement, on an island that’s only been recently discovered.

Once I realised this, doors started opening. I could add depth to the Governor’s backstory and make her more powerful and more intimidating. I could give the world itself greater depth and play with how suppression of cultural identity and memory has been used by the government of Narricol – the main city “back home” – to control the peoples in its empire, including using the island on which the story is set to deprive magically attuned individuals of a source from which to draw their power, rendering them mundane. And I can seek to have the Governor reverse that using the very festival I am moving towards writing – a festival of storytelling and memory, a celebration of the events that have occurred on the island in order to feed magical energy into the bedrock of the town, a festival which itself will be remembered with importance. All of which infuses the land with the tiniest hint of magic, which the Governor can then draw upon to make herself more powerful – and better able to hold off the Narricolians when they inevitably return to reclaim the colony.

And of course she’s not the only magically attuned character on the island. There could be a few, they’re not common really, but the important one is Deego. I had planned that later on Fiarra would believe Deego her betrayer when she is caught conspiring against the Governor, but never really established a good reason for her to think this. If Deego is magical, though, then there’s a reason the Governor would want to talk to him, to recruit him as an apprentice, and thus a reason Fiarra would think Deego sold her out.

So at last, things a little further ahead than I normally look are starting to flesh out, thanks to approaching it from a different direction. There’s still a lot of thought that will be needed to go into this, but I can have some direction to the day of the banquet now. I’ve got something here and I’m ready to run with it.

So for today, I’m going to fix a few things I’ve written in the last few days to direct them towards this plot element, and see if I can move forward into the busy and tiring day before the banquet.

Starting writing at 21:58, and listening to Einaudi’s I giorni again.


Stopping at 22:40, with 629 words for the session plus some minor editing. Progress is feeling rather slow at the moment, it’s taking a long time to move forward. I guess I’ll try to hurry up the next 24 hours, from where I am now with lunch the day before the banquet, to the lunch time on banquet day when Fiarra gets another chance to go through Laik’s records in search of mention of Corun and Teyt’s names, before being caught – and then I get the big confrontation. Hopefully tomorrow I can bridge that gap. And now I’ve had my idea about the banquet/festival being about people learning the stories and histories of the island, I’ve got more material for Fiarra to find while rummaging – Laik’s notes as she put together those very stories and histories from the old records elsewhere in the office.

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