Writing reboot progress report, 17 May 2014

Regular readers of this blog may be aware I have recently moved house. The new place is a flat which at the back overlooks a field popular with dog walkers, or more accurately, during the winter it does. In summer the trees that line the border block the vast majority of the view, and so the flat in fact overlooks a path, some wild flowers, and a line of horsechestnut trees that are probably a little higher than the roof of the building.

Today has had such fine weather that, while I was waiting for dinner to cook an hour or so ago, I decided to open up the patio doors and lean on the Juliette balcony and just enjoy the fresh evening air. I put some music to play on my phone and just stood there. I don’t do that enough – just stand and enjoy the peace and quiet, the warm evening air, the soft breeze. I normally get bored not doing anything, I spend all my time in front of a computer screen, working or playing games or browsing the internet or watching stuff on Netflix, but sometimes it’s good to just stop, take the time to appreciate a May evening.

The music I was listening to as I admired the rhythm of moving leaves being toyed with by the breeze was an acoustic cover of Green Day’s Time of Your Life. Well, not quite – the track I was listening to wasn’t just a cover of Time of Your Life, it’s a six minute track which has three different tunes in it, the other two folk songs called River Spirits and Come to Dance. It’s arranged and performed by a local folk band called Whalebone, and I don’t even know if it’s possible to get hold of the album it’s on anymore, but I love it. This track starts slow with Time of Your Life then comes in with a gentle toe-tapper before going all out with the kind of music that I can scarcely resist dancing along to.

And that’s what I’m listening to tonight while I write.

Thoughts and Plans:

There’s not much to say here. I’ve already set out where things are going. Exhaust Fiarra, give her more work to get done, and build her resentment towards Laik.

Starting writing at 21:37.


Finishing at 22:19 with 855 words written today. I decided to insert a little scandal – Laik was out all night and returned in the previous day’s clothes by morning. I’m not sure where this will go, but we’ll see. Maybe it won’t go anywhere. Maybe I’ll cut it in the edit. But I felt like writing it and so I did.

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