Writing reboot progress report, 14 May 2014

Tonight’s music will be Mark Knopfler. I’m listening to Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms right now but I’m gonna switch to the Local Hero soundtrack when the track’s over. There’s something really incredible about Knopfler’s music that I can’t get bored of. In fact I think I’ll finish the night – when I stop writing and return to this blog post – with the live 10 minute Sultans of Swing video on Youtube. Now that is some music. Maybe Knopfler should write the next UK Eurovision entry. Then at least next year when it comes around again I’ll have something truly awesome to listen to while writing.

Thoughts and Plans:

Nice and easy for tonight: make Fiarra hate Laik. Some more. Yesterday I had Fiarra running around filling a bath, fetching things from Prentor’s storage shed, emptying the bath, sorting out laundry and so on. Today I’ll have her deliver letters all over the town – no rest, lots of exercise when she’s not had a chance to build up her strength, hot weather. And a seemingly uncaring Laik.

While I was driving home from work I toyed with the idea of having Fiarra run into her friends Teyt and Corun, who she has been searching for since early in the story, but I think that would take away some of the set up I have planned for her confrontation with Laik and slow down the pace a bit. Whenever I do get to that point that’ll be a danger, but post-confrontation it’ll be easier to deal with and keep the excitement up.

Starting writing: 20:12


Finishing 20:48 with 784 words for today. I nearly gave up ten minutes ago, but wasn’t happy with the wordcount so decided to try for another 100, which I doubled. I’ve certainly put in enough activity to leave Fiarra exhausted and looking for an excuse for a break, but I’ve not included anything in the way of how this makes her feel about Laik. I guess I’ll just run her ragged first then leave her thinking about how much she hates Laik when she finally gets to bed later.

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