Writing reboot progress report, 12 May 2014

Today I’m pretty tired – I didn’t get enough sleep last night thanks to nightmares, then work was busy, and I’ve already done one blog post tonight. So the writing probably won’t be as good or last as long tonight.

Music: War Song by Phamie Gow

Thoughts and Plans:

Oh crap, I finished yesterday on a tricky bit, didn’t I? Goddammit past me, why’d you have to be so annoying? Past me is such a git, she always leave difficult stuff for present me to do.

Okay so Fiarra had gone down to finish her earlier interrupted conversation with Prentor, and he came back with an answer for her – not exactly an apology, and neither an excuse, but rather his perspective. I think this is the genesis point for the contrasting approaches Fiarra has towards Prentor and Laik – both of whom had a part in her enslavement. Prentor is open about his motivations, whereas Laik very much keeps to herself. She doesn’t talk about herself or seek to justify her actions, and because Fiarra knows and understands Prentor’s motivations but sees and understands none of Laik’s, her beliefs about what they each deserve are different.

That’s for the future of how things will go. I still need to work out what to write now. How would I react, given this information? I think I’d still be angry, but struggle to justify that anger to myself, or at least struggle to justify acting on or expressing it. I’d wonder if it was genuine, or made up to avoid consequences, or somewhere in between. And it would take me time to fully come to terms with it. But Fiarra isn’t me. She’s got this streak of idealism, and she’s a lot braver than I am, so perhaps she wouldn’t really understand it, not at first, not when she’s not had the time to think about it.

Starting writing 20:46


And scene. Finishing 21:10. 446 words. I went from Fiarra telling Prentor that being afraid of the Governor wasn’t a good enough excuse for managing a mine full of slaves to her telling him, against her instincts, that she’s going to bring the Governor down and he’s going to help. An unexpected turn, but I can work with it.

There will probably be some serious thinking tomorrow before I can write. I’m starting to get stumped, so my progress might slow in the next few days as I work my way up to the confrontation with Laik. I think I need to step things up in terms of Fiarra and Laik’s interactions and Fiarra’s feelings about that. Some big tasks, some annoyances and frustrations, things that will bring things to a head so there’s no way Fiarra won’t explode.

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