Writing reboot progress report, 10 May 2014

Tonight’s music is courtesy of the Eurovision Song Contest. So if I get distracted by crazy outfits, stupid dancing, or Graham Norton’s commentary, I might not manage quite the same output tonight. I am a little annoyed I missed the start, though. My mother told me it started at 9 and the BBC website wasn’t working when I tried to check earlier.

Thoughts and Plans:

Yesterday I ended with Fiarra in the kitchens waiting for lunch to be ready so she can take it up to Laik. Here I have the chance to reiterate a point I brushed on earlier: the kitchen staff like Laik and are very loyal to her. This goes back to Laik’s backstory, but Fiarra doesn’t know about it yet so I’m not going to talk about it. After that, though, I’m not sure where to take things. Fiarra is in need of allies so she could try talking to a few people to see if they can be trusted. It’s not time yet for her to confront Laik, and nor do I want her to find her friends Teyt and Corun yet.

If Laik has to attend a meeting or inspect something or other, that will leave the office empty. I’ll have Fiarra snoop around while Laik is gone. The pre-plague governor will have had good records then too, and it’s Laik’s office where they’re being stored now, so rather than find what she’s looking for I’ll have Fiarra find records of long ago and get distracted reading about policies (in a similar way I am getting distracted by Eurovision, perhaps this isn’t a great idea), wasting the time she has.


Finishing at 21:54, having started about 21:05 (I forgot to make a note). 710 words. I’ve got as far as Fiarra finding the page in the old records recording the day her father departed. Tomorrow I’ll continue with her distractedly reading through these records, until she notices that a lot of time has passed, packs up and gets on with the task she was assigned. I considered having Laik return and find her like that, but I’m gonna save that for later.

And now I can focus on the British entry for Eurovision.

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