Writing reboot progress report, 9 May 2014

Today’s music will be stuff composed by John Williams. This is because when I got in the car to drive home from work and turned on the engine, what was playing on Classic FM but the Star Wars theme. So naturally I turned the volume right up and grinned my way through Wolverhampton’s Friday early evening traffic. And I’m still in that mood now. So I’ve created a John Williams film scores playlist on Youtube (I’ll add to it later, but I’ve got the important ones sorted – Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones and so on – enough to last an hour or so anyway).

Thoughts and Plans:

Okay maybe Star Wars isn’t the right music for emotional scenes, maybe I need something like Nuvole Bianche to getinto the mindset of Fiarra trying to convey to Prentor exactly how she feels and why he’s a shithead as far as she’s concerned (at the moment, anyway). She’s gonna struggle to get words out, and cry a bit, and Prentor, who doesn’t exactly know what Fiarra is going to do next, is a bit afraid, quite guilty and generally stumped.

So how can I make this worse for both of them? A straightforward confrontation, while powerful, lacks a certain something at this stage in the book. I’ve got a straightforward confrontation right before and another coming up in another five thousand words or so. I want to mix it up a little. An interruption should do nicely for this. And what if that interruption came from the Governor herself? I considered the Governor’s slave interrupting, giving Fiarra her second glimpse of this odd, bald man, but that wouldn’t mix things up enough. Let’s have the Governor come in herself for a surprise inspection.

I don’t have much of a grasp on her character just yet. I know her backstory and her motivations, but as for personality all I’ve got in my notes is ambitious and charismatic. I think I want an earnest tone to her voice, like she really believes what she’s saying no matter how mundane it might be, a forcefulness to her personality the defies anyone to refuse her.

Yes, that should do for now: build up the emotions, crash the party with the Governor. This is gonna be fun.

Starting to write at 21:19 just as the Schindler’s List theme on my playlist comes to an end and Jurassic Park begins. I’m gonna skip back so I’ve got the right tone for the what I’m starting with (much as I hate interrupting Jurassic Park, that’s definitely one of my top 10 pieces of music of all time)


Finishing 22:12 at 977 words. I nearly finished right after the interruption from the Governor – who dismissed Fiarra so she could focus on her inspection of the store room – but decided the 580 or so words I’d done that far weren’t enough, so instead took Fiarra around the palace and eventually to the kitchens. Tomorrow I’ll get Fiarra back down to the storage room to find Prentor completely reorganising everything, on the Governor’s instruction, and flustered as a result. I’ll see how that pans out when I get to it. For now I think it’s time I called it a night.

Tomorrow also I think I’ll get a spreadsheet started recording my time written and my wordcount each night, since I’ve been blogging it anyway. I can create a graph from the data at the end of the month and see what works best in terms of start time, days of the week and so on.

1 thought on “Writing reboot progress report, 9 May 2014

  1. I do ‘Music Background’ when I’m playing and one of my current favourites for emotional scenes is “Out of Africa”. I could go on, but getting moved by music, as opposed to looking at the telephone bill remains a favoured technique of mine.

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