Writing reboot progress report, 8 May 2014

This makes it a week since I started this reboot, and boy did 9pm come quickly tonight. I guess I got carried away with the new crochet stitch I was trying out with the new yarn that arrived today. It’s a gorgeous bright pink and I happen to be wearing a tshirt the exact same colour, so that’s nice. It’s the “rope stitch” I’m using, if anyone cares. I’m making a scarf with it, and since rope stitch has lots of holes it’ll make a nice autumn/spring scarf. I haven’t finished the arcade stitch scarf I started last week in the jade yarn yet but I’m the sort of crocheter who starts a lot of things and takes a long time to get around to finishing them. I am limited only by the number of paperclips I have to hold the last stitch while I’m not working on it.

Anyway, on with the writing, which is the real reason we’re here, not the beautiful scarves I have in various stages of completion.

Music tonight is Ancora by Ludovico Einaudi.

Thoughts and Plans:

Yesterday I finished in the middle of Fiarra having an argument with Laik about Prentor, and struggling with anxiety. She doesn’t really understand why she’s acting like this, it’s not what she’s normally like according to her own perception, and that makes her frustrated and irritated with herself, which in turn makes things worse. I think Fiarra needs to lose this argument. I finished yesterday’s session with Laik asking:

“If you have a problem with him, why did you help him at the mine?”

Which Fiarra doesn’t really know the answer to. She has an answer, the same one she gave the escaped slaves at the mine – enough people had died and trying to break into the food store where Prentor was holed up would take so long that soldiers would arrive from the town and kill or capture them all. But I think, with her anxiety, Fiarra’s going to have trouble with even this. Of course, the truth behind Laik’s question is that Fiarra is suffring from anxiety over seeing Prentor again because he triggers her memories of the mine and of that last night in it. But that’s not something Fiarra even has a concept of. So she stutters and stammers and loses the argument, and goes away feeling drained, worse about herself and embarrassed.

It’s leading up to something down the line, but after the argument ends I’m struggling. I want to give it at least another day, preferably two, before the bigger argument, but that means I’ve got space to fill.

I’ll finish the argument, then worry about the next bit.

Writing begun 21:24


Finishing writing at 22:09. 756 words. I decided that Fiarra should confront Prentor. She percieves him as the problem, and she knows she’s not going to be able to avoid him, so she goes down to the store house again and confronts him. I didn’t get far. It’s difficult to write, a different kind of confrontation to the one she’s just had with Laik. More emotional, and I always take longer over the emotional scenes so this make take a few days. Back in December I wrote a short about how Laik and Prentor first met, during the plague after the last ships of the officials had left. That was quite emotional. It was 1,700 words or thereabouts, and it took me four days to write. So the 289 words so far of this confrontation between Fiarra and Prentor isn’t going too badly. Considering.

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