Writing reboot progress report, 6 May 2014

Music: Eden Roc (song, not album) by Einaudi.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try something that’s not Einaudi.

Anyway, starting a bit late tonight because I got distracted for an hour past when I meant to start by a tower defence game. Those things are my productivity’s kryptonite.

Thoughts and Plans:

Yesterday I left Fiarra with mouth agape, unsure what to say upon seeing Prentor, the mine director from the first scene, where her negotiations saved his life. Fiarra has managed to say about four words to him, while he’s babbled on awkwardly. I’ve had a think, and I reckon the best way to handle this is have Fiarra extricate herself as quickly as possible. She doesn’t know how to react to this situation, she doesn’t know how to feel about this man – who is friendly and whose actions have helped her too, but at the same time, he was the mine director at the mine where she was enslaved, so she’s not exactly about to become best buds with him. I envision Prentor as being pretty similar to Dwayne in the BBC’s Death in Paradise, played by Danny John Jules (and anyone who has seen Red Dwarf will understand how hilariously funny it is that the character is called Dwayne; I’m convinced it was deliberate): friendly, outgoing, a touch shady, sometimes lazy, and the socially-intuitive side of intelligent rather than smart.

Anyway. So I’ll move on by having Fiarra get out of there as soon as she can, while Prentor babbles a bit more as he fetches the requested ink. Fiarra figures Laik knew exactly what she was doing sending her there, and after bottling it up for the next couple of tasks, demands Laik offer an explanation. She doesn’t give one, at least not something Fiarra is satisfied with, but also doesn’t chastise Fiarra. I’ll build on this later, though I’m yet to work out exactly how.

That should be enough for now, it’s a bit late so I don’t want to attempt too much.

Writing begun 22:17


Finishing 22:43. 656 words this evening. Didn’t get to Fiarra snapping at Laik about the errand, but did get her wondering if Laik had set her up to see how she’d react or to taunt her. I’ll get to the little confrontation tomorrow instead. For now, it’s time to get some sleep.

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