Writing reboot progress report, 5 May 2014

Starting a little earlier tonight so I’ve got time later to iron shirts for work while watching TV.

Music: Due Tramonti, by Einaudi

Also accompanied by a can of Kopparberg pear cider. I don’t usually drink while writing, but sometimes a pint or two helps get things flowing. I won’t be making the mistake of writing while actually drunk again though, that didn’t work out the first time I tried back when I was a student. I just wish I’d kept what I wrote that night to remind myself that it’s a bad idea. All I remember is that I had trouble remembering where the letters were on the keyboard (and apparently couldn’t see them) and mostly guessed, such that an instance of the word “required” ended up 17 letters long, including 5 Es and a K.

So, to tonight’s comfortably-relaxed-but-not-quite-tipsy writing.

Thoughts and Plans

As stated yesterday, today I need to wrap up the day’s events and move on to the next day and the next scene. I’ve never been good with fastforwarding the story. I’ve recently come to the realisation that my style is a lot more long form, don’t miss anything, than the quick and concise style that seems to have become more common in stuff published this century. Maybe it’ll make a come-back, maybe not, but I’m not gonna change the way I write because someone else lives by the mantra “remove extraneous words”.

Anyway. Events, then: I’m wrapping up the day so the little chores involved in that, then Fiarra goes to bed. The next day, after morning chores like fetching Laik’s breakfast, Laik will be sending Fiarra to fetch more ink from the civilian stores, where Fiarra will find that the former mine director has been reassigned to a less prestigious role.

As for internals, Fiarra has resolved herself to patience, to acting obedient while she works out her next move. So I’ll have her on the verge of saying something angry and confrontational a couple of times before stopping herself. Maybe a glare – that Laik looks away from first. And then when Fiarra meets Prentor again, that’s gonna be a tricky one to handle. I might leave that til tomorrow to give myself some time to think about it. I should have enough to make some progress today.

Writing begun: 19:21


Finishing 20:06. Managed 941 words. I did reach the bit where Fiarra sees Prentor again, and started on that section, and went with Fiarra reacting with stunned silence while Prentor babbles away awkwardly. Finished half way through so I think tomorrow I’ll give Fiarra her voice back and have a little conversation before she heads back to Laik’s rooms with the ink she was sent to fetch. So I’m happy with today’s progress.

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