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Writing reboot progress report, 4 May 2014

Good evening and May the Fourth be with you. It’s neither the only nor the best geek rememberance day this month, and it is my intention to read Hitchhiker’s Guide again before the other one (should I liveblog that one? I could liveblog that one. What do you reckon?) But for now, it’s writing time.

Music: Nuvole Bianche, Ludovico Einaudi

(Yes, I like Einaudi’s music and I find it easier to have one familiar track on repeat than a whole album. Whereas I giorni is amongst my top three tracks, alongside Due Tramonti and Eden Roc, Nuvole Bianche has the right emotions for what I’m writing today.)

Thoughts and plans:

Yesterday I finished with Fiarra returning to Laik’s rooms with clean bedding she’d been sent to fetch, and Fiarra and Laik making Lai’s bed together. I want to show, through actions, that Laik isn’t exactly the evil slaver Fiarra views her as. There’s more going on here that Fiarra realises and a lot of it is inside Laik’s head. I can’t give Laik’s perspective and I can’t, yet, have Fiarra thinking that Laik might have any more depth than she’d given her credit for, but I can put the clues in place for the reader using the way Laik acts and what she says, even if Fiarra herself doesn’t cotton on to what it all means.

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