Writing Reboot progress report, 3 May 2014

Music: I giorno, Ludovico Einaudi.

Thoughts and plans:

Yesterday’s writing was heavy on description and light on internal thoughts. So far in the story, it’s been the other way around for the main part, so I need to move back to that. The way Fiarra’s attitudes and feelings change over the course of the story is an important part of the plot, since I’m using her perspective on the core theme of justice.

In terms of actual events, with her duties explained to her and her new surroundings explored, Fiarra now has to collect clean linen from the wash room, where she will find two of her friends safe and well, albeit enslaved. In terms of what I need to establish, I ended yesterday’s session with Fiarra being almost glad that her circumstances aren’t as bad as they could have been, an emotion which she isn’t going to be happy about – she’s still a slave and her attitude is very much that, soft beds or not, slavery isn’t something she’s going to accept lying down. So she’s building resentment towards Laik and looking for small ways in which to rebel. This will be what she’s thinking of on her way down to the wash room. Once there I need to establish her relief at finding her friends alive, anger that they’re enslaved too, and concern that the time she spends with them will be noticed.

Starting to write: 21:20


850 words ending at 22:00, and I got in what I needed, and a little more, in terms of events, including an act of rebellion that made me cringe to write it – Fiarra tore pages from a clearly well used book. I feel the need to apologise to my own books for even thinking such a thing. In any case, I had a good idea with it, and couldn’t resist. See, the book wasn’t necessarily well used by Laik, against whom this action is targeted. This is where doing some back story on Laik way back in December starts to come in handy.

I’ve left the scene at a point where it should be easy to pick up tomorrow.

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